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The House in the Woods


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  • "The House in the Woods" channels an urgent outburst of creative energy; it appears to be filled with a lifetime of pent-up emotion... Pialat's style, with sinuous long takes and probing zooms and pans, embraces broad swaths of action with alert patience.

  • The story overlaps in many ways with Pialat’s previous film, L’enfance nue, to the point where it’s easy to assume that Pialat was tapping the same autobiographical well for both projects. Maison, however, is looser and more expansive than usual for Pialat, and consequently more direct about his concerns. While there’s a great deal of detail in any Pialat work, here detail is the raison d’etre: the film often feels like a comprehensive catalog of what the director finds interesting to look at.