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  • Both exactingly built yet undeniably chilly, [The Dreamed Path and The Idea of a Lake] demand repeated viewings to fully unveil their multiple layers; neither seemed to garner much love from the critical fraternity, though both had fierce defenders.

  • Mumenthaler addresses familiar themes in a familiar self-reflexive way, but her film also uses some oddball ploys that you could either call audacious or misguided—such as a childhood fantasy sequence set to Neil Diamond’s “Song Sung Blue.” Overall, though, The Idea of a Lake is a bold, focused venture

  • Mummunthaler won the Golden Leopard award at Locarno five years ago with her previous feature Abrir puertas y ventanas (Back to Stay, 2011), a meticulous study of family dynamics by way of three quirky sisters, and her La idea de un lago (The Idea of a Lake) is likewise carefully observed and deliberately paced, but this time on a higher-stakes canvas on which family complexity dovetails with a nation’s painful politics and haunted history.

  • Mumenthaler deftly balances the jarring shifts in tone, making them each part of a larger psychological web that never demands untangling. Instead of trying to resolve potential lingering traumas, the film makes peace with their existence.

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