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  • Largely set in the Amazon, though of course shot in Los Angeles, the film is mostly of the static sound-stage variety, occasionally broken up by special effects shots, but is no less impressive for this. A tacked-on love triangle and the presence of the stout Wallace Beery can only do so much to hold our interest until the first dinosaur, a gracefully swooping pterodactyl, flies into view. But The Lost World still offers the childlike thrill of any later Ray Harryhausen film.

  • Flicker Alley's reconstruction and restoration of Harry O. Hoyt's The Lost World is remarkable in no small part for making explicit how the 1925 film's story beats inform those of 1933's King Kong. Though King Kong has prevailed as the crown jewel of special-effects cinema from the early part of the 20th century, The Lost World definitively and strikingly reveals that directors Meriam C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack weren't so much inventing a form with King Kong as trying to perfect it.

  • As an adaptation, it’s a distinct improvement on the 1960 version... The main casting was impeccable, with Wallace Beery the perfect choice for the powerful, pugnacious Challenger (above) and Lewis Stone for the epitome of British stalwart rectitude.