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  • Even in the long lean years constituting the latter part of his career, through personal and professional vicissitudes not to be dwelt on here, Hooper never wholly lost his pictorial instinct or his relish at guignol excess, and washed down with a couple of beers, a relatively minor effort like 1995’s The Mangler can seem almost profound, a transposition of Dickensian squalor to contemporary Rust Belt Maine that only Hooper could pull off.

  • Typically and marvelously for a filmmaker so attuned to the integral role played by production design and art direction, The Mangler's villain is a piece of the set. It's a gorgeously crafted center for a work whose driving purpose is old school filmmaking, luxurious tracking shots, flamboyant design elements, and performances big enough to fit the Grimm Fairy Tale nature of the story.