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  • Hitchcock’s lack of interest in The Paradine Case may well have been exaggerated and that it offered possibilities to which he could strongly respond. Taken together, and related to earlier and later aspects of Hitchcock’s career, [The Paradine Case and Under Capricorn] are fascinating for the evidence they provide of Hitchcock’s evolving attempts to synthesise issues and methods of story telling which became central to his American work.

  • I think it’s pretty top-flight melodrama, in the Hitchcock mode (which is quite different but equally as cinematically and emotionally astute as the Sirk mode): swift, sharply written, involving, emotionally potent.

  • The Siren, perverse mortal that she is, long ago adopted this pain-in-the-neck film as her very own pet Hitchcock orphan (along with Lifeboat and Rope). It is slow, yes, but it whispers along like silk, until that courtroom climax fells the audience right along with Anthony Keane. And it is exquisite to behold.

  • An eccentric courtroom procedural that’s infused with the director’s perversity and enlivened by his profound imagination... It’s easy for a cinephile or film critic to recognize the accomplished audacity of, say, the shower scene from Psycho. But The Paradine Case revels in the quiet brilliance that defines Hitchcock’s cinema: its geometrically fluid rendering of power.

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