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  • The provocatively detached perspective that Friedkin brings to these violent scenes points ahead to his features Cruising and Rampage, and like the latter film, this asks viewers to think long and hard about the validity of capital punishment. The movie was made for Chicago TV but never aired because network executives were afraid it would stir controversy; however, Friedkin managed to screen the film for Illinois governor Otto Kerner, who soon commuted Crump's sentence to life in prison.

  • Awkward and rough, it is obviously the work of a filmmaker still yet to achieve mastery over his medium, and many sequences display an amateurism and sloppiness that undercut the seriousness of the subject matter. However, there are remarkable echoes already in this nascent work of the tremendous greatness of Friedkin's mature masterpieces, CRUISING, TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A., and THE HUNTED.

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