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The Plague of the Zombies


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  • I couldn’t remember if I’d seen this before. And possibly a year from now I won’t remember having seen it. But it’s not devoid of interest, the points of interest just didn’t come thick and fast enough to _ entirely_ satisfy... Famously, Gilling anticipates a lot of Romeroesque imagery and action with a dream sequence in which he goes hand-held and deutsch-tilted as the recently deceased haul themselves from their graves and surround the hero in billows of dry ice fog. It gives the film a boost.

  • Pretty typical Hammer experience: The zombies aren't remotely frightening, but it doesn't much matter because there's plenty of fun to be had just watching imperturbable Brits grapple with their existence. André Morell, in particular, makes a truly splendid hero, projecting righteousness and decency in a way that somehow seems genuinely admirable rather than dull...