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  • It begins from Nash’s memory of being a rebellious daughter—feminist, avant-garde artist, actor at the Pram Factory theatre during the early 1970s—faced with what seems to her a cold, cynical, taciturn mother. It’s a generational war, a complete clash of sensibilities – hingeing precisely on vastly differing conceptions of a woman’s role, and her destiny, in society. But Nash’s memories, coursing backward and forward in time, bring up troubling possibilities and a darker legacy of hidden trauma.

  • Nash answers Margaret Atwood’s call to tell and retell stories in order to listen to the past and, in doing so, demonstrates the cathartic potential of art... If stories allow for us to listen to the past, then Nash’s documentary seeks to give voice to the silences in her own past and, through this dialogue, start to heal the wounds.

  • The result is a compelling and heartbreaking story of trauma, absence, and mental illness... Nash’s has always been a personal cinema, yet here it feels like a form of closure to the mysteries she’s been tracking since a child, and a fascinating, if at times difficult one at that.

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