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The Song of the Scarlet Flower


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  • ...Its grasp of basic grammar is tenuous; eyelines don't match, scenes aren't set up (random example: when our hero clears the log-jam, there's no shot of him in the crowd making his decision as the foreman lays out the problem; he just suddenly appears, axe in hand), plotting often seems arbitrary. But Tulio has a flair for images, esp. outdoor images in the Soviet style...

  • Although naturalized Finnish filmmaker Teuvo Tulio’s name recognition cuts a low profile, The Song of the Scarlet Flower stands out as one of the most sensational and unjustly obscure entries in the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s International Melodrama series. It’s the oldest surviving film by the cult-favorite actor-turned-director, and yet many of his outré tropes are already in place in this thirsty gem from 1938.