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The Tree, the Mayor and the Mediatheque


The Tree, the Mayor and the Mediatheque Poster
  • At first glance, [it's] a very strange film. Rohmer has never done anything so simple. Not a single tracking shot, few camera movements, a few pans to reframe a character or a landscape. A film in which the style has become absolutely prosaic, to such a point that you could nearly forget it. On the other hand, the director has rarely mixed genres to this extent... The film offers its viewer a tour of a wide range of genres that is both gratifying and somewhat disconcerting.

  • A sensual conservative, Rohmer derides bureaucracy, exalts tradition, and comically reveals his techno-utopia. His ideals are, above all, cinematic: the film’s ambling tempo and spatial integrity are political as well as aesthetic, and the film’s first closeup—near the end—is both a visual jolt and a moral one.