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  • It's worth noting that THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY is very funny--and often because of, not in spite of, its uncharacteristic gentleness. The Technicolor cinematography (by Hitchcock's regular cameraman of this period, Robert Burks) is a marvel, too, finding so many warm, expressive tones within the New England foliage that the real world seems to be transforming into a Walt Disney creation.

  • Hitchcock tries farce—like Bringing Up Baby, say, with a corpse instead of a leopard. The bizarro tone of the film put me off at first. But the weirdness gets richer and richer as it goes along, and it sheds light on Hitch: all the manners, niceties, and daily rituals papered over morbid fears and carnal desires. Nice touch: the artist who uses academic doublespeak to hide his guilt. "From my subconscious" indeed.

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