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  • The humor in it feels right out of the gay-comedy playbook, down to the scene when Wai Tung is forced to tuck away his tell-tale homo objets d’art, La Cage aux folles–style, when mom and dad come to town... But the kind of causal intimacy with which the film depicts the relationship between Wai Tung and boyfriend Simon (Mitchell Lichtenstein) is still largely missing from screens all these years later.

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    Sight & Sound: Kate Stables
    July 31, 2015 | September 2015 Issue (pp. 96, 98)

    Under its frothy satire of lavish Chinese wedding customs and the secret domestic masquerades of parents, gay lovers and fake spouses lies a telling comparison of Chinese ritualised public sexuality and private, individualistic Western coupling. Balance, both in the treatment of rival culturs and narrative outcomes, is Lee's goal, and the film's final reimagining of the idea of family restores that key Confucian tenet, harmony.