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  • Structurally lumpy and tonally jarring, The Wings of Eagles fails as a biopic while triumphing as something more valuable—a comedy of marriage, an allegory of disarmament, a profoundly felt fusion of action and contemplation.

  • Ford's customarily rose-tinted view of military life, which here consists only of camaraderie, carousing, and a jovial, unconvincing leniency towards breaking the rules. The secret weapon of the film, though, is that rosiness is put in relief with glimpses of a home life given up. The contrast of hammy staging and meta/documentary elements creates a peculiar tension, but the storytelling needs work. For completists.

  • The raw but hearty brutality of flying and fighting marks Wead with the inner scars of broken love and with physical scars akin to stigmata; every step of his turbulent journey plays out like a mini-Calvary. Ford’s sense of martial duty is a vision of secular faith.

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