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  • This film should put Belvaux back in the spotlight: it is at once a passionate political statement and a serious, if sometimes over-explicit, attempt to analyse the contradictions of the current rise of the right.

  • Occasionally melodramatic and coincidence-reliant in its specific details, This Is Our Land works smoothly in terms of its overall story arcs, right up until the very last moments when Belvaux and Leroy baffling elect to conclude proceedings on a ham-fisted note. By this stage, however, the film has done more than enough to inspire spirited audience discussions in cinema lobbies — and beyond.

  • The movie offers one of the few bits of artistic insight I've seen so far regarding the global rise of the right. It makes it quite clear that a lot of disenfranchised people are fundamentally apolitical, and can be productively (mis)led by an echelon of party apparatchiks. Judging from the argument Belvaux quite convincing lays out, the only reason France has avoided being taken over by Le Pen and her fascist minions is that there is no Fox News pumping disinformation into the Republic 24/7.

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