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  • [Benny and Frank's] endless walking and talking brings to mind the Before Sunset, Sunrise and Midnight trilogy directed by Richard Linklater. But in some ways, 3 Businessmen works as a critique of those films for embodying a certain middle-class self-absorption. Benny and Frank aren’t as charming as Julie Delpy or Ethan Hawke, but that allows us to take a more critical view of them and the comfortable bourgeois bubble they inhabit.

  • It's like a flowing, feature-length extension of the conversations that take place behind the wheel in Repo Men: philosophical, absurd, deeply felt, occasionally crass, and frequently irreverent. It’s complemented by meandering camerawork consisting of long, serpentine takes that contribute to a liminal atmosphere, with the lack of fanfare given to geographic transitions leaving the audience similarly displaced and adrift. Yet the feeling is not alienating so much as comically cosmic.