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  • Borzage had a gift for making actors seem sincerely enamored with each other. In this scene and numerous others, a wave of uncynical emotion overwhelms the sophisticated dialogue. One feels carried along through the film, the tonal complexity registering only later.

  • The sublime sequence with Taylor throwing out his wristwatch when the ailing Sullavan becomes unsettled by its tick-tock ("Now time stands still"), however, is undiluted Borzage. Yet lyricism cannot quite dissipate the darkening clouds: An exalted, ascending camera movement dissolves to a graveyard, the gunshots heard in the distance grow louder in The Mortal Storm.

  • THREE COMRADES brought together an improbable confluence of talent, all trying to find a way to work around the implacable censoriousness of the Hollywood system. . . . And yet Borzage found a way to work around these constraints to build a film of trembling beauty, positing love as a force not bound by time or space.