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  • A great subject, and Sottomayor has a knack for an evocative image - though in fact she's more wistful than rigorous, and more prone to cute quotidian detail (like the kids' lemonade having to be poured out exactly equally) than significant psychological detail (the family seem rather bland, to be honest).

  • Perfect opening shot establishes Sotomayor's master-shot cred: girl Lucía (Santi Ahumada) lying in bed, family loading up the car outside visible through the window, sound from both sources miraculously balanced.

  • Those alert to arthouse cliché may identify it in the drifty pace, the child’s-eye viewpoint and the theme of bourgeois concealment of secrets and lies. But Sotomayor’s confident direction of her extremely accomplished young cast... and her skilled management both of screen time and of the flow of plot information draw added value from what might have seemed like an overextended short-film subject.

  • De jueves a domingo is an exemplary group study constantly separating and interlocking its different members, perpetually shifting between the dynamics of the entire ensemble, some of its parts, and an individual perspective (often belonging to Lucía).

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