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  • Whatever else might be said about Godard, one cannot criticize him for succumbing to the fate that threatens every French cultural hero, that nemesis that Chabrol and Truffaut have long ago capitulated to: he has not turned into a statue of himself. As a commityted response to the May Events... his subsequent career has continued to evolve, and is still more involved with change than refinement. But with TOUT VA BIEN, his ambitions have become much more narrow and specialized.

  • Tout va bien, which plays with the idea of recording working-class history as it is happening, may be seen as the enabling precursor to Peter Watkin’s 2000 historical epic La Commune (Paris, 1871). It is, in any case, a far better movie than it seemed, at least to this former and then skeptical hippie, back in the day.

  • Fonda's canny performance makes clear that she must have been fully aware of Godard and Gorin's contradictory feelings — usually cynical, sometimes begrudgingly admiring — about her status as a politically outspoken, and highly bankable, star... Fonda is a co-conspirator with the filmmakers, slyly tweaking her own offscreen activities.

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