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    Film Comment: Rufus de Rham
    July 01, 2015 | July/August 2015 Issue (p. 76)

    [Nichelle Nichols steals] the movie as mad madam Dorinda who seeks revenge on Truck after he kills violent pimp Gator. Fierce, malicious, and hilariously profane, Nichols sets the screen on fire whenever she appears. With an ultra-funky score, snazzy fashion, swagger to spare, and a cast that oozes charisma, Truck Turner is an absolute blast.

  • Before he went legit, national treasure Jonathan Kaplan was one of the most raucous, lowdown, scuzzy directors of AIP gems. Mixing trashy pyrotechnics with a rare sort of charming dastardliness, his movies celebrated cads of every stripe. Truck Turner is one of his classics, and indeed one of the finest of the Blaxploitation films we have.