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  • The shot of Rickman as Jamie, watching Nina through a window as she walks into what will be the rest of her life, is the Siren’s favorite in all his films. (And brother, the Siren has seen a lot of Rickman. That crush is still with her, and always will be). Rickman was never maudlin. He isn’t prompting the audience to pity Jamie or marvel at his sacrifice. In his face, and his wave, and when he turns back to his ghostly friends, Rickman plays the truth of this supernatural, impossible moment.

  • Thought it might be therapeutic watching this the day Rickman died, and it was; I wound up writing a Scenic Routes columnabout the experience. Truth is, though, Truly, Madly, Deeplyreally, seriously, utterly wrecked me the first time I saw it, a quarter century ago, and still provokes perhaps the strongest purely emotional response of any movie I know.

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