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  • Like Michel Gondry's similarly utopian D.I.Y. "take back the media" rallying cry, BE KIND REWIND, UHF critiques not the mindlessness of popular entertainment, but the passivity with which it is consumed; Yankovic's earnest paean to the now-dying eccentricity of locally produced television should ring especially true for residents of the town that spawned Bozo the Clown, Svengoolie, and Chic-A-Go-Go.

  • I cannot be objective about this movie. Some of my fondest memories involve listening to a cassette tape of the UHF soundtrack with my brother. We heard the movie before we saw it, imagining the jokes in our heads. On certain long afternoons in the early 1990s, Weird Al‘s 20 second blast of cock rock “Let Me Be Your Hog” was the funniest thing in the world. Divorced of its context, it was just a strange man making pig noises and screaming to a soaring guitar riff. It was nonsense, it was bliss.