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“Un conte de Michel de Montaigne”


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  • The performer, Barbara Ulrich, is delivering only a key excerpt, one in which Montaigne describes falling off his horse and suffering grievous injury. As with so much latter-day Straub, much of the meaning of this lovely film resides in the strict separation of elements, those parts of conventional cinema that are usually combined without a second thought.

  • A stark but intimate and engrossing experience, separating yet integrating an urgent, placating extract of Beethoven (the third movement of his String Quartet No. 15, Op.132 in A minor, tellingly titled "A Convalescent's Holy Song of Thanksgiving to the Divinity, in the Lyndian Mode"), an incredible text be Montaigne from his Essais, first the voice and then the presence of Barbara Ulrich who reads the text, and Paul Landowski's Parisian statue of Montaigne from 1933.

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