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  • For a blissful spell, the movie flirts with becoming a noirish study in voyeuristic obsession. (Téchiné, replicating a view through binoculars, briefly aligns our perspective with that of his distrustful protagonist.) In the end, however, Unforgivable is a bit too relaxed to function as a thriller. Though admirably unpredictable, its plot is also spread thin among these fickle lovers.

  • An original and incisive treatment of the Kafkian theme of guilt and the literary work, UNFORGIVABLE takes its place among the finest of Téchiné's films.

  • The author has a revealing line late in the film, when he tries to explain his jealousy. "I don't know how to handle someone being unfaithful to me. Whenever a woman confronted me about it, I just left." This is the sort of moment at which Téchiné excels: the shock of a new emotion, for which no amount of living can ever prepare us.