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  • The problem with vacations is that no matter how far you travel, it's still you taking the trip. Anna flees her marriage to visit with some old friends in the Italian countryside, insinuating herself into their family's dynamics. She swims, sees the sights, hangs out with their teenage kids. She tries to lose herself in the ultra-bourgeois chitchat, caught by Joanna Hogg in long takes full of overlapping dialogue and harsh sunlight.

  • The ultimate Brits-abroad nightmare-holiday film... If this subtly painful comedy of manners isn’t teeth-grinding enough for you, try the male counterpart – Suntan (Argyris Papadimitropoulos, 2016) in which a doctor on a Greek island falls horribly in love with a carefree Lolita among the Euro-vacationers. Both films should come prefaced by warnings for viewers of either sex aged above, say, 35.

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