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  • In one extended and genuinely moving sequence, the farmers sing a rousing song about tedding hay, and the music pauses when Bortnikov receives a letter and learns about his father’s death. For a moment, he sits against a flaxen wall and wipes away tears, then stands to rejoin the cheery crowd.

  • The way master cinematographer Sergej Urusevsij, who would go on to shoot Kalatozov’s great masterpieces The Cranes are Flying (1957) and I Am Cuba (1964), uses muted autumnal colors and soft bundles of light falling through the single window of a country cottage, evokes the Dutch masters and looks ahead to Georgi Rerberg’s work on the ‘dacha’ scenes in Tarkovsky’s The Mirror (1975), shot on Eastman Kodak film with an eye to Mosfilm color films of the immediate post-War period.