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  • If the film winds up feeling short in comparison to other great romances, the commitment and consistency of the film’s interrogation stand apart these fleeting missteps. Even if their epiphanies together ring false, Fábrega’s film probably carries more close-ups of two lovers looking at and talking to one another than you’re liable to see in any major romance this year (one-night-stand comedy or otherwise).

  • Paz Fabrega’s gorgeous, fleeting, almost stream-of-conscious black-and-white love story from Costa Rica opens with 30-year-old Pedro (Fernando Bolanos) trying to plant a drunken kiss on a pretty stranger, 29-year-old Luciana (Kattia Gonzalez), at a costume party... At 70 minutes, this leaves you — like Pedro — wanting more, in the best way.

  • At just 70 minutes long, Viaje packs a lot into its short running time. Shot in beautiful, high-contrast black and white, the film is an energetic love story that’s thrilling to watch. Largely relying on the electric chemistry of its two leads, Viaje is funny, charming, and full of longing and sadness.