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  • Like all Ozu silents, this is much brisker than his subsequent sound work, and the compositions are an eyeful.

  • The film is notable for its briskness of tone, camera experimentation, and physicality (clusters of snappy yakuza toughs move with dancelike synchronization). The first shot is virtuosic, tracking back along a row of parked automobiles, away from a docked steamship; when the camera pauses, a flock of people run in the direction the camera just came from; already, there’s a sense of dynamic movement through space.

  • An unusually fast moving, atypically stylized (rather than composed), and multi-plot Ozu film that bears a hint of noir, Walk Cheerfully is a humorous and affectionate film that is replete with homages to classic silent films, from a prominently placed, life-sized Clara Bow poster to a gangster moll sporting a Louise Brooks haircut.

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