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  • The film’s wild boys, whose dicks (literally) fall off across black-and-white tableaux that are deliriously alive in theatricalized detail and innuendo, are played by female actors — all the better to underscore Mandico’s belief that gender is as surreal as the high that must have willed this unforgettable whatsit into being.

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    Film Comment: Olaf Möller
    January 03, 2018 | January/February 2018 Issue (p. 23)

    Mandico himself is an avid student of Walerian Borowczyk, and a first description of Wild Boys (Les Garçons sauvages) might be Goto, l'ile d'amour by way of Hugo Pratt. . . . Exhilarating, eye-popping, intoxicating, seductive, care-free, funky, sexy, and fun.

  • This film represents a particularly elaborate form of snow-globe cinema, creating its own sealed world and inviting you to enter it or just admire it from outside. In literary terms, it’s close to the self-enclosed verbal and imagistic universes of Raymond Roussel and Ronald Firbank, and the end credits thank both William Burroughs and Jules Verne: if those two writers had pitched camp together on some faraway shore, this might be the kind of fantasy that might have jointly concocted.