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Wolf and Sheep


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  • The slim, slice-of-life drama “Wolf and Sheep” mixes naturalistic, ethnographic images with an appealing thread of folkloric magical realism.

  • Chicago spotlighted several other features by young writer-directors that, like 24 Weeks, played to acclaim at earlier fests but merit bigger buzz and await U.S. distribution. One of these was Sadat’s Wolf and Sheep, a beguiling mix of documentary and surrealist dream about sheepherding children in the Afghani mountains and a shapeshifting phantom who haunts their village after dark.

  • It represents the culmination of a years-long labor of love for young Afghan writer/director Shahrbanoo Sadat. Shot on stunning locations in remote rural Afghanistan, Sadat’s film partially (and deliberately) inhabits local oral tradition and folk belief rather than representing such phenomena from a calculatedly distanced, exoticizing perspective.

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