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  • In undertaking the same sort of interrogative/exploratory juxtaposition of clashing ideological discourses proposed by Godard in La Chinoise (1967) and by Spike Lee in Do the Right Thing (1989), he risked being misread as a simplistic anti-Communist libertarian... In fact, Makavejev is attempting something far more difficult and valuable: a critical account of the possibilities and limits of two contradictory societies in relation to sex.

  • In addition to being a joyous articulation of Dušan Makavejev's radical politics, the free-form aesthetic of WR: MYSTERIES OF THE ORGANISM conveys a sense of limitless possibility rarely felt in narrative film outside of musicals.

  • Eminently suitable for critical foraging, WR has been discussed from a dizzying array of perspectives... Within this freewheeling universe of discourse, the legacy of Wilhelm Reich becomes a multivalent prism (16) that ultimately sheds light on a largely submerged anarchist history.

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