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X: The Man With the X-Ray Eyes


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  • The pieces are in place for a naughty little morality tale, but Corman, who commissioned a script by Ray Russell (who also co-wrote The Premature Burial) and Robert Dillon, opts instead for something more visionary, depicting Xavier’s point of view as a swirl of flared colors and abstract shapes that fill the screen at regular intervals (and anticipate the acid-trip imagery of Corman’s productions in the second half of the decade).

  • Corman toes an unnerving line between the banal and the otherworldly; to the point that audience members may find themselves scanning the screen for hints of something that's wilder than what they're actually seeing. The film is hauntingly, poetically vague, courting universality (religious quandary) and idiosyncrasy (one addict's torments) equally.

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