Grand Re-Opening May 13, 2014

This is embarrassing, but I’m now back on the beat.

I was moved when I saw how many people were disappointed about the end of Critics Round Up. People lamenting my announcement yesterday was exactly the shot of energy I needed to get me to tackle the Cannes Film Festival and continue beyond that.

I quit because the number of weekly pageviews were going down the toilet with no end in sight. But unexpectedly, all the notices about the site’s retirement may have stopped the bleeding. It seems like the pageviews will pick up from here.

I apologize for announcing the end of the site only to change my mind later. The next time my motivation is reaching a crisis point, I’ll take a break instead, step back for a few days, a week or however long it takes to recharge my batteries. That way I won’t have to prematurely announce the end of the site again.

There’s really no need for you to advocate for CRU. I’m planning to return to my ad campaign, which worked out great the one time I tried it two months ago.

Again, I must thank you, the readers, for the encouraging words you sent me when I quit yesterday. I actually dreaded making that announcement, not just because I was admitting to failure, but because I honestly assumed barely anyone would care. Thank you for reminding me that you still find this site useful.


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  • Chris L. says:

    Many thanks for your valuable labors, and may your perseverance be well rewarded with increasing pageviews during the festival and beyond. Glad to know there are others out there who feel as I do!


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