Hire David Hudson! May 12, 2017

Bad news: Fandor is closing its Keyframe blog and David Hudson is out of a job. Someone needs to hire David ASAP. He’s invaluable. This site could not have existed without his inspiration.

I suspect (or at least hope) David is returning to the Notebook (which was called “The Auteurs Daily” when he initially joined), his online home from 2009-12. It seemed like the people at MUBI didn’t want him to go and would love to have him back. I know some people read Keyframe only for David’s column.

Another depressing outcome of Fandor’s recent rebranding is that they’re becoming more mainstream. I felt physically ill as I was reading this article. I wasn’t reading film criticism back when New Times bought the Village Voice in 2005, but this must have been what it felt like. I’ve unsubscribed from Keyframe and am now pretty much done with that website.

The writing has been on the wall for a while. For the past 15-18 months, Keyframe had succumbed more and more to clickbait. They started publishing articles and videos about modern A-list movie stars, with only one obvious motive. Once they started enacting ridiculous, confining rules on their video essays in an effort to increase viral potential (no more voiceover narration, the videos must be no longer than two minutes), they became almost completely intellectually pointless.

Keyframe was, and Fandor probably is, no longer welcoming to cinephiles. I’m glad David has liberated himself from an increasingly unappealing website. Now it’s time for someone to get wise and hire a fabulous blogger.

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