The Latest: Moebius, Lost River, Herzog’s Nosferatu May 26, 2014

I’m gonna try cramming some updates into one, semi-daily blog post and see how that works out. Here are the notable updates of the day.

South Korean filmmaker Kim Ki-duk’s Moebius, making its way to a U.S. commercial release: 79/100. The four newest reviews are from Sight & Sound’s Nick James, Michael Sicinski, Senses of Cinema’s Sarah Ward and Preston Wilder.

Fresh from its world premiere at Cannes less than a week ago, Ryan Gosling’s Lost River: 41/100. Adam Woodward, Wesley Morris and Jonathan Romney blast the movie, but Ben Kenigsberg comes to its defense.

Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu the Vampyre: 100/100. High praise from David Jenkins, Michael Pattison and Chuck Bowen.

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