The Long Week Closes: Four Years Old May 6, 2017

I usually like to make upgrades to the website in March or April every year so that we can begin a new year of Critics Round Up with some improvements (and also so that these improvements can be applied shortly before the Cannes Film Festival begins). But because of alarming events of the past six months (not just the Trump presidency, but also a personal catastrophe), I couldn’t motivate myself to push forward a new round of upgrades before Cannes. Now I’m ready to look into making changes, though all that will have to wait until sometime after Cannes.

This website is now four years old. I feel like I’m failing my duties to you, the cinephiles who use this website, by letting the backlog grow and grow, unable to figure out how to get everything done at the end of the day (or the week). I’m unsatisfied about that. Otherwise, I’m happy I get to continue doing this.

I usually don’t create separate pages for re-cut versions of a film, but it seemed necessary in the case of Risk.

We started the week with three movies (Risk, Ta’ang and Last Men in Aleppo) and added four more mid-week. The Tony Conrad documentary is no longer in theaters and is a late roundup.

Risk (2017 cut) (Poitras)

New Releases
Risk (2017 cut) (Laura Poitras, United States, 9 reviews)
Ta’ang (Wang Bing, Hong Kong/France, 12 reviews)
A Woman’s Life (StĂ©phane BrizĂ©, France, 12 reviews)
Last Men in Aleppo (Feras Fayyad, Syria, 5 reviews)
The Lovers (Azazel Jacobs, United States, 9 reviews)
Chuck (Philippe Falardeau, United States, 8 reviews)
Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present (Tyler Hubby, United States, 3 reviews)

Stalker (Tarkovsky)

Cinema of the Past
Stalker (Andrei Tarkovsky, Soviet Union, 1979, 15 reviews)

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