The Long Week Closes: Our Policy on Listing the Cast January 14, 2017

For anyone who’s curious, I wanted to go over this website’s policy on listing the cast of each movie on the right side of the screen. It would take too much time to list every single actor involved in the movie, so I have to be more judicious about it. For older movies, I’ll list the first 15 or so actors on Wikipedia or IMDB. I’ll cut off the cast shorter than that if the actors are no longer credited with proper names. For festival films, I’ll list all the actors’ names that appear on the festival’s website, which is usually far less than 15.

Once I see the movie, I’ll re-do the cast list in the order they appear in either the opening credits or the beginning of the end credits. There are exceptions. I can’t justify listing Justin Theroux before Naomi Watts even though he gets first billing in Mulholland Drive. But for the most part, that’s how it works.

This week’s rundown is light on new movies and heavy with older ones.


The Son of Joseph (Green)

New Releases
Eugène Green’s The Son of Joseph (France)
Celia Rowlson-Hall’s Ma (United States)


His Girl Friday (Hawks)

Cinema of the Past
Howard Hawks’ His Girl Friday (1940 • United States)
Lewis Milestone’s The Front Page (1931 • United States)
Steven Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun (1987 • United States)
Éric Rohmer’s Four Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle (1987 • France)
Éric Rohmer’s Claire’s Knee (1970 • France)
François Truffaut’s The 400 Blows (1959 • France)

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