Raw Blyfeld February 24, 2018

Out of all possible conservative reactions to Black Panther’s box office success, claiming it as a victory for the right is far more preferable than using it as an example of what’s wrong with America today.

I don’t think Jonathan Rosenbaum reads the Comics Journal regularly, but it was nice to see him reference that website in a recent blog post.

While I’m on the subject of the Comics Journal, I have to mention that they still have one of the only good comments sections I know of. Here’s their choicest quote this week: “People who like Saga are lame-ass norms, not even a half-step removed from fans of The Walking Dead and craft beer, with no business assessing art of any kind.”

Berlinale 2018
Transit (Christian Petzold, Germany/France, 4 reviews)
Damsel (David & Nathan Zellner, United States, 3 reviews)
The Happy Prince (Rupert Everett, United Kingdom, 3 reviews)
Unsane (Steven Soderbergh, United States, 3 reviews)

New Releases
El Mar La Mar (Joshua Bonnetta & J.P. Sniadecki, United States, 2017, 10 reviews)

Cinema of the Past
An Actor’s Revenge (Kon Ichikawa, Japan, 1963, 12 reviews)
The Shout (Jerzy Skolimowski, United Kingdom, 1978, 3 reviews)

New Pages This Week (8)
Transit (Christian Petzold, Germany/France, 2018)
The Happy Prince (Rupert Everett, United Kingdom, 2018)
Damsel (David & Nathan Zellner, United States, 2018)
Season of the Devil (Lav Diaz, Philippines, 2018)
Unsane (Steven Soderbergh, United States, 2018)
Moana (Ron Clements & John Musker, United States, 2016)
Pacific Heights (John Schlesinger, United States, 1990)
Eros + Massacre (Yoshishige Yoshida, Japan, 1969)

Images: Transit, El Mar La Mar, An Actor’s Revenge.

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