Spotlight: Herzog, Rivers March 10, 2014

Werner Herzog. In addition to his length filmography (plenty to read on his Nosferatu), there are also many links under that. Highlights include Herzog, A. O. Scott and Dana Stevens discussing the life of Roger Ebert on Charlie Rose, an interview with Harmony Korine, Drew Hunt’s top five and David Jenkins’ top ten Herzog films, WH and his friend Errol Morris talking about The Act of Killing, a 30-minute PSA by the German auteur and a brand new piece by MUBI’s Daniel Watkins.

Ben Rivers. Updates include a long video interview with the Seventh Art’s Christopher Heron, an Artforum piece featuring the slow cinema filmmaker and his co-director Ben Russell on A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness and three long video discussions from Portugal hosted by the Notebook, featuring Rivers, Dennis Lim and Béla Tarr and others.

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